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Communication Collaboration is a Strategic Partnership – Samlink, A Kyndryl Company

When a company’s communication is of high quality, effective, and transparent it flows smoothly and reaches all target groups in a timely manner. Successful communication always involves a great deal of planning, scheduling, development, and analysis. Communication partnership ensures that the client has access to a diverse communication team. 

The collaboration between Samlink, a provider of IT solutions for the financial sector, and Kumppania, began in the fall of 2011 with an annual report. The following spring, collaboration transitioned to a partnership that continues to this day. Over the years, this collaboration has expanded, and the strategic partnership covers now various aspects of external and internal communication, ranging from devising communication strategies to implementing them. The long-standing partnership of Samlink and Kumppania has proven beneficial in many aspects. 

In February 2022, a major change took place at Samlink as the company became part of Kyndryl, the world’s largest provider of IT infrastructure services. 

– Kumppania was there to help us interpret the demands of the new situation right from the start. We wanted the change project to be as successful as possible from the perspective of both internal culture and growth strategy. We recognized that communication is a guiding force in the change, describes Samlink’s Head of Communications, Marketing & ESG Sirpa Auervirta. 

Samlink regards the work methods, processes, and agility of Kumppania’s communication team as exemplary.

With Kumppania’s assistance, all aspects of Samlink’s communication, implementation methods, and tools have been reviewed over the past year. The functionality of communication has been critically examined, and only effective methods have been retained. 

A broad perspective facilitates communication integrity 

For a communication agency, the readiness to adapt to major changes requires a comprehensive understanding of the client company’s situation. Instead of individual actions, it is important to see communication as part of the company’s strategy. 

– In short, at Kumppania we shape various communication solutions, and we are delighted to be involved in all Samlink’s communication efforts. Samlink describes its operations as co-creation, and this fits well with communication collaboration, says Nina Toivola, Development Director at Kumppania, who serves as an account manager for Samlink. 

Nearly ten people from Kumppania form Samlink’s communication team and have various responsibilities. Areas include internal communication, employer branding, culture change, HR communication, social media, marketing, customer newsletters, websites, sustainability communication, and events. Flexibility and continuous development are key elements of the collaboration. 

– We communicate daily. Communication and agreement on matters with Kumppania are smooth. Additionally, we hold weekly Teams meetings with Nina. These 45-minute sessions are very effective, not only for reviewing matters but also for co-creation, Sirpa explains. 

Multichannel communication in English and Finnish  

A significant change in Samlink’s communication this year has been the transition to English. The reason for the language change was clear: Samlink is an international company with employees from different countries. Communication in English also supports the international growth strategy. 

The most visible examples of external communication are social media management, customer newsletter production, and the new website launch in June 2023. The active LinkedIn and Instagram accounts promoted by Kumppania have demonstrated the importance of employer branding. The results of this long-term work are rewarding: Samlink has received more relevant applications for its open positions. In addition, Samlink has risen to excellent ranks in the TOP 1000 list of Finnish corporate pages on LinkedIn. 

Kumppania has developed recruitment communication personas and job posting templates for Samlink. Sustainability communication is also being developed. 

One of the major reforms in internal communication has been the adoption of SharePoint-based employee media. Conceptualized content production, based on topics important to employees, is done from various perspectives. In Samlink’s employee satisfaction surveys, communication has been repeatedly considered successful. 

– We can be proud of the level of internal communication and staff satisfaction. At the same time, we regard it as a standard that we want to maintain, promises Sirpa. 

The Samlink communications team includes account manager Nina Toivola, project managers Sonja Sjögren, Karla Viitala, Kaisu Aarno-Kaisti, and Maiju Santikko, graphic designer Tiina Liuska, marketing planner Essi Konu, and content producer Salla Kytöharju. When necessary, the communication needs of Samlink also benefit from the expertise of other members of Kumppania. 

– At the heart of a strategic partnership is mutual trust and a desire to grow. It is admirable how Kumppania can adapt to various wishes and situations. It’s equally important that I really enjoy the company of the people from Kumppania, says Sirpa. 

The core of a strategic partnership is mutual trust and a will to develop.

Communication partnership is about ongoing collaboration – making everyday life smoother and building for the future. Could we be your communication partner too? 



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