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Communication Partnership Bolstering Brand Development – Vitec Acute Oy

For several years, Kumppania has served as Vitec Acutes communication partner. Vitec Acute develops and maintains software for healthcare providers in Finland, in both private and public sectors. It is part of the Nordic software company, Vitec Software Group, which is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.  

One of the key objectives of this communication collaboration is to develop the brand of Vitec’s Patient Information System, Acute, and fortify its associated perceptions 

Daily activities involve comprehensive communication management, consisting of both internal and external communication planning and execution. The various aspects are juggled collectively, with contents being brainstormed even at a strategic level. Under Kumppania’s stewardship, objectives are shaped into tangible actions. 

The team at Kumppania can clearly recognise our strengths and articulate them in an understandable manner. 

– The team at Kumppania can clearly recognise our strengths and articulate them in an understandable manner, praises Janne Vainio, Managing Director of Vitec Acute Oy. 

Strengthened Collaboration Through the Journey 

The collaboration, which began in 2014, has deepened and expanded over the years. Continuous content creation is carried out for print, web, events, and campaigns. An electronic newsletter is published monthly, and social media management is essentially entirely in the hands of Kumppania. 

Vitec’s website has been revamped several times along the way by Kumppania as the business focus has evolved or the web platform has changed. 

– As a communication partner, Kumppania is for us particularly a communication expert, clarifying communication and marketing actions from a sales perspective, explains Janne. 

In healthcare communication, it is crucial that content is flawless, up-to-date, and understandable. 

– In our industry, communication needs to be sensitive – it is of great significance that Kumppania knows and understands the social and healthcare sector in various aspects, Janne emphasises. 

Communication Partnership is Built on Mutual Trust 

Vitec places its trust in Kumppania across the entire spectrum of communication. Kumppania also handles communication with the Brand and Communications department experts at Vitec Group’s headquarters in Sweden. It can be said that Kumppania acts as Vitec’s outsourced internal communications department and is deeply involved in day-to-day operations. 

– Things proceed smoothly even when we may not precisely know what we want. A good partner looks after and takes care of the whole as if it were their own, Janne expresses gratitude. 

A good partner looks after and takes care of the whole as if it were their own. 

An effective partnership is born from trust, openness, and mutual understanding. At Kumppania, the role of account manager is held by Sonja Sjögren, with Tytti Wallenius, Kaisu Aarno-Kaisti, Essi Konu and Jaana Kurvinen as vital skilled contributors in the team. 

– Trust inevitably becomes personified, and constancy of personnel reinforces it. It is important to stick to agreements and have things happen systematically. We are extremely satisfied with the service we receive from Kumppania. They make our marketing life better, sums up Janne. 

Communication partnership is ongoing cooperation – the harmonisation of everyday life and building for the future. 




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