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How to Choose a Communication Agency?

The decision to purchase expert services always involves trust. Trust can arise from the companys long history, good reputation, credit information or the customers’ willingness to recommend the company. What the customer values depends on the individual. In different situations some services fit better than others. There is a wide range of expertise, and the models of collaboration are varied. In the purchase decision process, the customer proceeds from identifying a need through searching for information and comparing alternatives to making a purchase decision. 

Evaluate these aspects when choosing a communication partner: 

  • What are the costs? 
  • Are there any shortcomings in the service offered? 
  • How does the service provider collect feedback and develop its operations? 
  • How does operation correspond to your own values, responsibility goals or, for example, accessibility? 
  • What are reviews and experiences like? 
  • How does the service offered meet your needs? 
  • What is special and useful about it? 
  • How easily and quickly is the service available? 

Long-term partner or a project  

The buyer of the service must first determine whether the search is for a long-term partner or a project-based service. Does the organization itself lack the necessary communication skills, or is there a need to find everyday partners for its own experts? Is help needed, for example, to improve the flow of information within the organization, to increase the company’s reputation, to deal with a changing situation, or purely to manage and produce materials for communication channels? 

Industry knowledge  

Each industry has its own special characteristics and its own requirements in terms of legislation, directives, or ethical guidelines of the industry. The role of networks, events and contacts in the industry can also be a significant selection criterion. 

Personal chemistry 

Personal chemistry is important in interpersonal work. Is it nice or difficult to collaborate with your partner? Are you looking for a sparring communications expert as a conversation partner, a creative and visionary inventor of ideas, or rather a planner and implementer who gets things done? 

Some have a particularly smooth pen or the ability to create visual experiences, others have solid experience, and others have fresh views and the latest teachings. Some super individuals have all the desired traits, but everyone is their own individual with their own emphasis. A good team has all kinds of strengths. Do you need a motivator, a coach, or a connection opener? 


Costs are an important part of the purchase decision. There is an hourly price, a monthly price, a project price, and a whole range of options that are practically impossible to compare. One can do in an hour what the other needs a day to do. It’s worth considering how much it may cost to make the goals a reality. Which target groups do you want to reach and to what extent? What changes are being sought in the target groups and on what schedule? The cheapest price does not automatically mean the cheapest and most cost-effective result. Even the most expensive price does not guarantee satisfaction and the best outcome. What is expensive for one is cheap for another. There is not a single correct price. 

Buying communication services brings more expertise or helping hands to the organization, or both, if necessary.



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