In Brief

Kumppania is a Communications Agency, which makes #lifebetter

We specialise in the social, health, and welfare industry.

We develop communication, corporate culture, and company reputation from strategic planning to everyday communications in selected channels. We create a synergy that combines the common expertise and vision of our personnel, our network, and our customers.

Kumppania is a clever choice that makes the life of its customers better

Our services include both bigger partnerships and individual assignments. We have strong experience for over 15 years and we are easy to work with. We have the ability to understand your needs and process them into functional projects. We stay on schedule without exceptions.

Communications partnership

  • We have experience in different fields of business. Partnership with Kumppania will open the doors to the entire service selection we have. You are not alone with your communication issues and we can tackle them together as a whole.

Strategy and planning of communication

  • A coherent story takes you forward. Strategic planning is the starting point for all the results. You might have a vision – share it with us and together we will brighten your thoughts and wishes to create a clear strategy – stating what you actually wish to achieve.

Content production and publications

  • We have strong know-how in publications. It is important to define the target group and clarify the problems there are to be solved and create interesting content to impress. Content production requires systematic work. We are here to make your everyday life easier.

Websites and SEO

  • Web pages showcase the company. They often serve as the first impression and might eventually be the only customer touchpoint. This is is why it is extremely beneficial to put effort into functioning and user-friendly webpages that can offer experiences for the customer.

Training and keynote speeches

  • Training, sparring, and mentoring are important to us. We wish to share our understanding of communication with our customers. We produce versatile training and give our customers proper tools for communicating in daily life.

Project management

  • We combine organised project management with creative expertive communication work. With a systematic approach, our team of experts follows carefully planned processes to ensure the highest quality. It is valuable for us to stay on schedule and budget.

Health communication

  • We have the experience of developing communication for the health and well-being sector for over 15 years during which we have seen the changes in the digitalisation. In health communication, the most important is to have the facts, being on time and understandable.

Brand communication and building

  • Storytelling is a powerful way to clarify the meaning of a brand. We will help you to recognise the core of the brand, brighten your values and tell your story. The targets are reached with consistent and long-term brand communication.

Twello+ content bank

  • The health and well-being content bank Twello+ developed by Kumppania brings about timely information to the channels applicable to the recipient. Twello+ supports a more sustainable, responsible, and above all a human way of caring and helping. It acts among others as an article bank for health service field communication such as newsletters and customer media. The articles are written by experienced health journalists and approved by doctors and experts. They are based on facts, studies, and researches.

We are happy to tell you more about Kumppania and our services

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